Mr. Hill is extremely experienced with the appellate process, having handled numerous appeals and arguing before the Courts of Appeal on multiple occasions. In addition to his own experience handling and arguing appeals, Mr. Hill also spent more than a year clerking for the Honorable Justice Ronald Parraguirre of the Nevada Supreme Court. This experience provided Mr. Hill invaluable insight regarding how the appellate system really works and how appellate justices view and perceive the appeals before them. This perspective allows Mr. Hill to identify and focus upon the key legal issues that will grab and keep the attention of the appellate court, greatly increasing the likelihood of a successful appeal.

Clients often fail to consider an attorney’s writing ability when choosing an appellate attorney. But, as any appellate attorney can attest, the overwhelming majority of the appellate process is spent drafting, revising, and perfecting the legal briefs that are filed with the court. In fact, many appellate justices have made up their mind on an appeal before ever hearing oral argument, instead relying solely on the briefs filed by the attorneys. Mr. Hill prides himself on his writing ability, which is evidenced by the fact he graduated as the #1 student in his law school class and excelled during his clerkship with the Nevada Supreme Court.

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